Calcasieu Pass Facility

Calcasieu Pass Facility

Venture Global has set out to disrupt the LNG industry by taking a bottom-up approach to capital cost. Our customers will benefit from our savings with a low-cost, reliable supply of LNG.


Key features of the Calcasieu Pass project include an LNG production and export facility with nine 1.2 million ton liquefaction blocks and two 200,000 cubic meter full containment LNG storage tanks. Additionally, its marine terminal will accommodate carriers up to 185,000 cubic meters in capacity. It will also include a lateral pipeline interconnecting with major interstate and intrastate natural gas pipelines.

Basis of Design for Each 10 MTPA
of Liquefaction Capacity

Block Flow Diagram

  • The projects are based on mid-scale liquefaction technology which will consist of two electrically driven 0.626 MTPA trains in each block, with nine blocks for the entire facility.
  • The gas will flow through acid gas removal and dehydration systems before it enters the liquefiers.
  • The LNG will be stored in two 200,000 cubic meter full containment storage tanks. This ample storage capacity allows Venture Global to optimize the plant output during colder periods.
  • Two loading docks allow for greater flexibility in loading the vessels and scheduling safe operations.

Combined-Cycle Gas-Turbine Power Plant

An inside-the-fence combined-cycle gas-turbine (CCGT) power plant will use feed-gas together with the boil off gas, to produce the power required to drive the electric motors of the liquefiers.  Our “5 on 2” gas turbine to steam turbine configuration allows for significant flexibility for maintenance or down times, allowing the facility to have extremely high availability for production. There will also be one aeroderivate gas turbine for startup and peaking needs.

Modular Concept

Venture Global’s choice in LNG liquefaction technology called “blocks” consist of two trains of natural gas liquefaction.

  • Gas pre-treatment units will feed the nine blocks. This modular-based configuration vastly increases the plant availability and reliability, by splitting the capacity. Should one block be unavailable, the plant would still produce above 89 percent of its nameplate capacity.
  • The modular concept provides significant benefits during the construction phase of the project. By designing mid-scale modules fabricated off-site, pre-tested and delivered fully complete, Venture Global has designed to deliver a quality product. This will also reduce installation time and lower the risk of construction interruptions due to weather conditions or interference with other site works.
  • By going modular, Venture Global will deliver on its commitment of a low capital cost, low operating cost, and a fast-to-market LNG production plant.