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Calcasieu Pass

Calcasieu Pass 10 MTPA Export Facility


Venture Global is a long-term, low-cost producer of American liquefied natural gas. The low-cost strategy is based on using a highly efficient, modular, mid-scale LNG liquefaction technology that lowers capital costs and expands opportunities for North American LNG exports. Calcasieu Pass will provide clean and reliable North American natural gas to global markets.


  • A 1,000 acre+ site with more than a mile of deep-water frontage
  • Eighteen 0.626 MTPA liquefaction trains configured in 9 blocks
  • Three pre-treatment trains, each with 50% capacity
  • Two ship loading berths for LNG vessels carrying a capacity of up to 185,000 cubic meters
  • Two 200,000 cubic meter full containment LNG storage tanks
  • 720 MW combined cycle gas turbine power plant, including an additional 25 MW gas-fired aeroderivative turbine
  • A single 42-inch diameter, 24-mile-long lateral pipeline, TransCameron, that will extend from interconnection points within the vicinity of Grand Cheniere Station in Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Basis of Design for Each 10 MTPA of Liquefaction Capacity

  • The projects are based on mid-scale liquefaction technology which will consist of two electrically-driven 0.626 MTPA trains in each block, with nine blocks for the entire facility
  • The gas will flow through three trains for acid gas removal and dehydration (pretreatment systems) before it enters the liquefiers. Each pre-treatment train has 50% capacity
  • The LNG will be stored in two 200,000 cubic meter full containment storage tanks. This ample storage capacity allows Venture Global to optimize the plant output
  • Two loading docks allow for greater flexibility and availability in loading the vessels and scheduling safe operations

Combined-Cycle Gas-Turbine Power Plant

An inside-the-fence combined-cycle gas-turbine (CCGT) power plant will use feed-gas together with boil-off gas to produce the power required to drive the electric motors of the liquefiers. Our “5 on 2” gas and steam turbine configuration allows for significant flexibility for maintenance or down times, resulting in extremely high availability for production. There will also be one aeroderivative gas turbine for load following, start-up and peaking needs.