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Community Impact

Venture Global is committed to being a good neighbor and giving back to and investing in the communities where we operate. We are proud to have built strong and trusted partnerships with the Cameron and Plaquemines Parish communities, engaging in a proactive and ongoing dialogue with local citizens, elected officials, and other stakeholders. According to Louisiana Economic Development, our projects will also support billions in new local revenue that will have widespread positive economic impact and improve lives. 

Below are some of our community engagement efforts:

Will to Skill


Cameron Community


Park Group construction testimonials


Hurricane Ida relief efforts

  • Our Cooperative Endeavour Agreement with Cameron Parish for Lighthouse Bend, a Venture Global funded 58 acre community development project that will include a marina, bar, restaurant, market, and RV park for the community to enjoy.
  • Our flagship workforce development program, Will to Skill.  Focused on skilled labor and technical training, Will to Skill is a program launched by Venture Global LNG in 2020 as part of its broader efforts to invest in the Plaquemines Parish community, home to the future site of Plaquemines LNG. This program, which is free of charge to participants, provides students with proven, valuable and transferrable skills to launch successful careers in the electrical services sector and beyond.
  • Donations to local charities including Second Harvest Foodbank and Catholic Charities to provide more than 100,000 meals during the pandemic and hurricanes. 
  • Regular sponsorship and support of community events and festivals. 
  • Assistance to local community recovery efforts after hurricanes and other severe weather, including providing fuel, materials, services and shelter.