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Calcasieu Pass


The project will be interconnected via a natural gas pipeline reaching at least three interstate and intrastate pipelines and collocated with existing pipelines.

Capacity & Interconnections 2022 (2.15Bcfd acquired)

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The project will be interconnected via Venture Global’s TransCameron Pipeline, consisting of approximately 24 miles of 42-inch diameter pipeline. 

TransCameron Pipeline received FERC authorization in February, 2019 and will extend eastward from the Calcasieu Pass LNG facility to a location near Grand Chenier, Louisiana, where it will interconnect with ANR, TETCO, and Bridgeline Pipelines.  Venture Global Calcasieu Pass has contracted long-term, firm, uninterruptible transport capacity on each of the upstream pipelines which will connect TransCameron Pipeline to over 2 BCFD of natural gas supply.