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Calcasieu Pass


The project will be interconnected via a natural gas pipeline reaching at least three interstate and intrastate pipelines and collocated with existing pipelines. The lateral will be able to supply in excess of the full plant gas supply demand.

Capacity & Interconnections 2022 (2.15Bcfd acquired)

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The project will be interconnected via Venture Global’s TransCameron Pipeline, consisting of approximately 24 miles of 42-inch diameter pipeline, and will be able to supply in excess of the plant’s natural gas requirements. 

TransCameron Pipeline received FERC authorization in February, 2019 and will extend eastward from the Calcasieu Pass LNG facility to a location near Grand Chenier, Louisiana, where it will interconnect with ANR, TETCO, and Bridgeline Pipelines.  Venture Global Calcasieu Pass has contracted long-term, firm, uninterruptible transport capacity on each of the upstream pipelines which will connect TransCameron Pipeline to over 2 BCFD of natural gas supply.