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Venture Global Delta LNG

Venture Global Delta LNG, LLC, a subsidiary of Venture Global LNG, Inc., is developing a natural gas liquefaction facility with a nameplate capacity of 20 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. The facility may be constructed in two phases, each consisting of 10 MTPA.

The Delta LNG terminal will be located on an approximately 540-acre site on the Mississippi River, south of New Orleans. The Delta Express Pipeline will connect the terminal with natural gas pipeline interconnections near Alto, Louisiana.


Fully constructed, the Delta LNG liquefaction facility will include thirty-six 0.626 MTPA liquefaction trains, configured in eighteen blocks, four 200,000 cubic meter full containment LNG storage tanks, three marine loading berths for ocean-going vessels, and 1,240 megawatts of efficient, combined cycle, on-site power generation. Delta LNG will utilize the same modular, mid-scale configuration being successfully implemented by Venture Global’s Calcasieu Pass project in Cameron, Louisiana. This strategy results in competitive construction costs and maximizes operational reliability.


Delta LNG’s design minimizes environmental impact and maximizes safety and operational reliability.  Examples include the Project’s use of air cooling and best available control technology for the combined cycle power plant, the full containment design of the LNG storage tanks, and the multi-block liquefaction configuration that also facilitates the high availability and reliability of the project.

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Project Location

The Delta LNG terminal site is located near Mile 54 of the Mississippi River and has approximately 3,100 feet of river frontage with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. As validated by our marine simulations with local river pilot organizations, the Mississippi River is sufficiently wide at this location to allow LNG carriers to safely maneuver and turn as they call upon the Project. Further, the substantial water depth at the terminal means that no dredging will be required.