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Calcasieu Pass

Commitment to Community

From facility construction to gas supply, our project is Louisiana-made.

“I am writing to express my strong support for the Venture Global Calcasieu Pass project and the related TransCameron Pipeline. […] The last decade has created unprecedented opportunities for business growth and job creation throughout the U.S. Nowhere is this more evident than in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast — America’s energy coast.”

Excerpt from Louisiana Senator Cassidy’s letter of support for Venture Global October, 2015

Recreational facilities developed by FD Stonewater at the direction of the Cameron Parish Police Jury and in close cooperation with Cameron Answers and Venture Global LNG.
Calcasieu Pass Community


Calcasieu Pass is committed to being a good neighbor in Cameron Parish. We believe in open, proactive and ongoing consultation with the community, its leaders and other stakeholders.

To demonstrate that commitment to community and environment, Venture Global has held public hearings and made multiple presentations with representatives from FERC for local residents and community officials to voice potential concerns and ask questions about the impact of the proposed project. During each event, hundreds of people from the community attended the open houses to learn more about the project.

As a result of the Venture Global’s involvement with the community, elected officials have expressed full support for the project:

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