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Safety and Environment

We understand what it takes to ensure that our export facilities are environmentally sound and as safe as possible.

Venture Global is committed to responsible environmental stewardship during all phases of its projects and will work to minimize impacts to the coastal ecosystem of Louisiana, co-existing with the local environment and our communities.

Venture Global has completed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Department of Energy (DoE) approval processes at Calcasieu Pass and Plaquemines LNG and intends to meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations from all federal and state regulatory agencies.

Since its inception, Venture Global has been determined to set the industry standard for environmental leadership.

Our facilities will be designed, constructed and operated to protect human health fully comply with all applicable state, local and federal regulations, codes and procedures.

The company’s employment of electrically-driven liquefaction technology, together with power generated through highly efficient combined cycle gas turbines, is designed to minimize overall emissions and make the project one of the cleanest LNG export facilities in the world.

In addition, the project is completely air cooled (power, pre-treatment and liquefaction), rather than water cooled, and is using state of the art full containment storage tanks.

Venture Global has announced plans for a carbon capture and sequestration (“CCS”) project be developed in connection with the Calcasieu Pass LNG facility and Plaquemines and CP2 projects. Having concluded a comprehensive engineering and geotechnical analysis, the company is launching, subject only to regulatory approvals, a shovel-ready carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project, compressing CO2 at its sites and then transporting the CO2 and injecting it deep into subsurface saline aquifers where it will be permanently stored. Altogether, Venture Global plans to sequester 1 million tons of carbon per year, the equivalent of removing nearly 200,000 cars off the road each year for 20 years.

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Stage 1: Planning

For both the proposed terminal site and associated pipelines, Venture Global evaluates different plans and route options that minimize potential impact to natural resources and habitats such as wetlands, waterbodies, sensitive areas and critical habitats.

To do this, Venture Global conducts on-the-ground surveys to identify areas of concern and work with the appropriate agencies to establish areas to avoid, as well as obtain permits approving our activities.

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Stage 2: Construction

Venture Global will utilize best management practices, leading industry techniques, and stringent standards established by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to construct our facilities and pipelines, protecting the public, minimizing potential impacts to the environment, and partnering with stakeholders.

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Stage 3: Restoration

Upon completion of construction, Venture Global will undertake restoration activities for areas adversely impacted by the projects. For example, pipeline rights-of-way would be restored to pre-construction condition as determined by both federal and state agencies. Such activities may include replacing top-soil, replanting native species, and monitoring vegetation growth.

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Stage 4: Operations

During facility and pipeline operations, we will conduct regular integrity management programs to test, inspect, and conduct preventative maintenance of equipment and facilities. This is done for operational safety and to prevent environmental impact.