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About Venture Global LNG

We are a long-term, low-cost provider of American-produced liquefied natural gas. Our four Louisiana-based export projects service the global demand for North American natural gas and support the long-term development of clean and reliable North American energy supplies.

“Venture Global innovates to lower costs wherever possible to offer our customers the lowest priced LNG.”

Michael Sabel, CEO, Executive Co-Chairman and Founder

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LNG industry costs have been on a steady rise and have outpaced general oil and gas industry costs over the last decade. Historically, the rising capital costs for greenfield LNG projects have been passed through to the LNG buyers. Venture Global is addressing this challenge directly by achieving significant cost reductions and passing those savings on to customers while enhancing operational reliability and efficiency.

An International Player

With offices around the world, including Tokyo, London, Houston, Singapore and Washington D.C., Venture Global has a global presence so that we can best serve our customers. Our goal is to help our customers lower their portfolio average price by passing on our cost savings.

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Location Advantage

Our facilities are located in close proximity to several major interstate natural gas pipelines and are situated in the middle of one of the most active trading areas for natural gas in North America, giving us an abundant supply of pipeline-quality natural gas. Henry Hub, one of the most liquid trading points and distribution hubs on the natural gas pipeline system, sits between our three proposed project sites.

“We use reliable, proven technology in an innovative plant design configuration. Our modular, mid-scale plant design will replace traditional designs as it allows for the same efficiency and operational reliability at significantly lower capital cost – this is at the heart of our project strategy.”

Brian Eisentrout, Senior Vice President of Engineering