Venture Global LNG 1001 19th Street North,
Suite 1500,
VA 22209 Arlington, 12027596740

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Venture Global LNG Global Headquarters

Venture Global LNG Inc.
1001 19th Street North
Suite 1500
Arlington, VA 22209

Phone: +1 202 759 6740

Corporate Contact

Fory Musser
Senior Vice President of Development
Phone: +1 202 759 6738


Public Contact

Jessica Wickett
Vice President of External Affairs
Phone: +1 800 514 0833

Shaylyn Hynes
Vice President, Strategic Communications
Phone: +1 202 920 0964

Venture Global believes in investing in the communities where we operate. When it comes to construction and long-term jobs our policy is to hire qualified, local companies and individuals. If you are interested in working with Venture Global during the construction phase, please complete a vendor questionnaire.





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