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Our Strategy

Venture Global believes that natural gas is a critical fuel source of the future and intends to deliver competitively priced LNG to the world. With lower cost LNG, more global, growing economies will realize the environmental benefits of clean-burning natural gas.

“The world needs clean, low-cost energy which can complement renewables. This is the time to provide plentiful North American gas to our allies and friends around the globe.”

Robert Pender, Executive Co-Chairman & Founder

Next Generation Design

We believe the design model we have deployed will soon be the new industry standard, with factory-built, mid-scale, modular plant design replacing the traditional large scale, custom built, plant configurations in the United States. Through mid-scale, we maximize the ability of our suppliers to manufacture, assemble and fabricate our process systems offsite.

Our model is fundamentally less risky than more common, highly customized, ‘stick-built’ projects that are constructed almost entirely onsite by large workforces over longer periods of time.

Modular Design

  • Optimally sized .626 MTPA liquefaction modules will be fabricated offsite, pre-tested and delivered to the site fully assembled.
  • Our LNG liquefaction “blocks” consist of two trains, each with a cold box utilizing industry-standard single mixed refrigerant (SMR) technology.
    Controlled factory settings significantly decrease construction labor and increases site safety, execution quality, and on time delivery.
  • N+1 configuration plus electrically-driven motors set the new industry standard for plant availability and reliability.
  • Execution risks and installation times have been dramatically reduced through the delivery of fully complete modules.

“Our innovative liquefaction projects have enabled Venture Global’s world-class partners Shell, BP, Edison, EDF, Galp, Repsol, PGNiG and Sinopec to access truly low-cost, long-term LNG from the United States. Their teams have studied our project elements in great detail, and we look forward to building more of these world-class, long-term offtake partnerships”

Mike Sabel, CEO, Executive Co-Chairman & Founder