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We are a long-term, low-cost provider of American-produced liquefied natural gas. Our two Louisiana-based export projects service the global demand for North American natural gas and support the long-term development of clean and reliable North American energy supplies.

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Venture Global innovates to lower costs wherever possible to offer our customers the lowest priced LNG.

Michael Sabel, Co-CEO, Co-Chairman and Founder

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We use reliable, proven technology in an innovative plant design configuration. Our modular, mid-scale plant design will replace traditional designs as it allows for the same efficiency and operational reliability at significantly lower capital cost – this is at the heart of our project strategy.

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Venture Global has assembled a first-in-class management team committed to delivering safe, reliable, and low-cost LNG exports. From senior management, to engineering, regulatory, legal, finance and environmental, Venture Global has market-leading expertise in every aspect of the business.


Venture Global LNG makes senior appointment

Venture Global LNG Inc. has announced the appointment of John Brian O’Leary as its Senior Vice President of Operations.

Prior to joining Venture Global LNG, Mr O’Leary acted as the Chief Operating Officer of Cameron LNG, where he led the pre-operations planning for commissioning and operation of three LNG trains. Mr O’Leary amassed over 25 years of experience with ExxonMobil and he has also previously managed the startup and operations of the RasGas LNG facilities in Qatar.

Bob Pender, Co-CEO of Venture Global LNG, said: “We are very pleased to have hired one of, if not the most, highly recognised and experienced leaders in LNG operations. John’s unparalleled expertise in the start-up and operation of LNG terminals means that we have the industry’s best driving the planning and start-up of our facilities.”

Mike Sabel, Co-CEO, added: “Our team is in place to execute. We have the momentum, expertise, financial backing and market support to progress our projects from development plans to become game-changing energy assets that can be brought online sooner, operate more efficiently and have lower costs than our competitors.”

Venture Global LNG is continuing to develop its 10 million tpy Venture Global Calcasieu Pass facility and the 20million tpy Venture Global Plaquemines LNG facility.

Venture Global LNG named the former chief operating officer of Cameron LNG, John Brian O’Leary, as senior vice president of operations of the company

At Cameron LNG, O’Leary led the pre-operations planning for commissioning and operation of three trains of LNG, 4.5 MTPA each, at the Cameron LNG terminal under construction in Hackberry, Louisiana.

According to Venture Global LNG’s statement, O’Leary brings over 25 years of experience with ExxonMobil in the areas of pre-operations, planning and commissioning of LNG terminals.

He worked nearly a decade in Qatar, where he managed the startup and operations of the RasGas LNG facilities, totaling 10.4 mtpa.

Venture Global continues its development plans for the 10 mtpa Venture Global Calcasieu Pass facility located at the intersection of the Calcasieu Ship Channel and the Gulf of Mexico, and the 20 mtpa Venture Global Plaquemines LNG facility in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, 30 miles south of New Orleans.