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Venture Global nets $125M in financing for $4.25B LNG plant in Cameron Parish

Venture Global LNG, which late last year announced plans for a $4.25 billion liquefaction processing complex and liquefied natural gas export terminal in Cameron Parish, announced this morning it has raised $125 million in equity financing for the project.

The equity investors consist of U.S. institutional investors who collectively manage assets over $130 billion, Venture Global says.

“With these private placements, we are closer to meeting our goals of exporting low-cost, American LNG to global markets,” Venture Global CEO William M. Wicker says in a news release. “The new capital positions us well for continued expansion of our global management team, completion of our engineering and design work, execution of our (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and other regulatory activities, further procurement efforts and securing long-term sales agreements.”

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February 11, 2015