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Venture Global Files Formal Application for Plaquemines LNG Project

Venture Global LNG filed a formal application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission requesting authorization to site, construct and operate the Plaquemines LNG export terminal.

In addition to the LNG export terminal, Venture Global LNG is seeking permission to build the Gator Express pipeline system, following the completion of the preliminary review process with FERC.

The 20.0 mtpa Plaquemines LNG facility will be constructed in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana at river mile marker 55 on the Mississippi River, approximately 30 miles south of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Plaquemines LNG will utilize GE’s plant-wide LNG process system, following a contract signed with GE Oil & Gas signed in February.

The proposed facility would consist of 20 pre-cooled single mixed refrigerant (SMR) blocks, four 200,000 cubic meter LNG storage tanks, three marine loading berths for oceangoing vessels within a common berthing area, and on-site electric power generation.

Each marine loading berth would be able to accommodate LNG carrier with the capacity between 120,000-cbm and 210,000-cbm.

The project is expected to be built in two phases and under optimal design conditions, it may produce up to 24 mtpa, or the equivalent of approximately 1,240 Bcf/yr of natural gas, according to an earlier filing to the Department of Energy.

Construction of the Plaquemines LNG project is expected to begin in 2018, once the project is authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, while full operations are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2023, according to Venture Global LNG’s website.

LNG World News

March 1, 2017