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Venture Global Chooses GE Technology for Planned LNG Export Facilities

Venture Global LNG Inc. has picked GE Oil & Gas to provide the liquefaction systems and other technology at two liquefied natural gas export facilities planned in Louisiana.

Under the agreement, GE will deliver a comprehensive power, pretreatment and LNG liquefaction system. Natural gas is turned into a liquid by cooling it to -260 degrees. The agreement provides for the delivery of a complete LNG process system with defined schedule, price and performance standards — all backed by GE — although those details were not immediately available.

Washington, D.C.-based Venture Global LNG is developing both the $4.5 billion Venture Global Calcasieu Pass facility and $8.5 billion Venture Global Plaquemines LNG facility in Plaquemines Parish. When fully developed, the Calcasieu Pass facility will have an annual export capacity of 11 million tons per year, while the Plaquemines facility will have an export capacity of twice that.


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February 21, 2017