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Gov. Jindal Announces $4.25 Million LNG Facility Coming To Lake Charles

$4.25 billion will be invested by Venture Global LNG to build a new liquefaction complex and liquified natural gas export terminal in Cameron. Governor Bobby Jindal made the announcement today along with Venture Global CEO William Wicker.

The Venture Global LNG project will be built on the Calcasieu Ship Channel at Calcasieu Pass creating 100 direct jobs with salaries averaging $70,000 per year, plus benefits. It’s estimated an additional 326 indirect jobs will result in surrounding parishes and the project will generate 1,500 construction jobs in the area.

Venture Global CEO William Wicker said.

“The Venture Global export facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, will meet a global market demand for affordable, clean, American produced liquified natural gas…Louisiana has become one of the most attractive states to do business, particularly in the energy sector, and we look forward to contributing to the Louisiana success story.”

December 10, 2014