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Delta LNG is the third Louisiana-based export project developed by Venture Global LNG. All three projects represent more than $15 billion USD of direct investment in Louisiana. The Delta LNG and Delta Express Pipeline Project will support the long-term development of clean and reliable North American energy supplies by providing additional markets for U.S. natural gas producers.

Investing in Louisiana

  • Each phase of the project will require billions of dollars of direct investment by Venture Global, providing meaningful economic stimulus for Louisiana – both initially and over time.

  • At peak construction, the project will employ approximately 4,000 workers at the terminal site, not including workers building the Delta Express Pipeline. Approximately 250 long-term, direct jobs and additional indirect jobs and economic activity are expected to be created and stimulated by the Project.

  • Delta LNG and Delta Express plans to source a meaningful portion of their materials and services from local and regional businesses.

  • State and local sales taxes, income taxes and property taxes are expected to increase during both construction and operations.