FT US prepares for next wave of LNG exports Chinese demand is soaring — so much so that Beijing spared the product from tariff rises © FT montage

When China last week set out a list of US exports threatened with retaliatory tariffs, almost all fossil fuels were covered, including oil, coal and liquefied petroleum gases such as propane. There was, however, one conspicuous exemption: liquefied natural gas.

Second-Wave U.S. LNG Exporter Flexes Muscle With Third Contract

Venture Global LNG Inc. took another step toward becoming the first among the second wave of companies vying to ship liquefied natural gas from U.S. shores.

Shell Doubles LNG Purchase Agreement with Venture Global

Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to double its liquefied natural gas purchase agreement with Venture Global, taking the US LNG group one step closer to a final investment decision for its project in Louisiana.

Shell To Take Twice As Much LNG From Planned Calcasieu LNG: developers

Shell has agreed to double its offtake from the planned 10 million mt/year Calcasieu Pass LNGfacility in Louisiana, project developer Venture Global LNG said in a statement Tuesday.