Venture Global Gator Express Pipeline

To deliver natural gas to the project site, Venture Global is proposing to construct two 42-inch-diameter pipelines that connect to existing interstate natural gas pipelines.

The proposed Gator Express facilities will be constructed in two phases (“Phase 1” and “Phase 2”) and will include: (1) for Phase 1, an approximately 15- mile long, 42-inch diameter pipeline and appurtenant facilities, to deliver gas to the Plaquemines LNG project from new interconnections with Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC and Texas Eastern Transmission, LP located offshore, southwest of the terminal site (the “Southwest Lateral TGP”) and (2) for Phase 2, a looped section of approximately 12-mile long, 42-inch diameter pipeline and appurtenant facilities, to deliver additional supplies to the terminal from the interconnection with Texas Eastern Transmission, LP (the “Southwest Lateral TETLP”).

Each phase will be designed to deliver approximately 1.9 Bcf/day, and will have a maximum allowable operating pressure of 1,200 pounds per square inch gauge.

Focused on Safety

Focused on Safety

Safety, environmental, land-use compatibility, constructability and cultural resources were all evaluated when determining the proposed routes. Venture Global utilizes state-of-the-art industry techniques to build pipelines, protect the public and reduce impacts to the environment. The routes are designed to emphasize co-location with existing pipelines, and other existing linear features, to minimize the construction impact. At all times during construction, the safety of the public and the construction crews will be the first priority.

All construction activities will be preceded by safety meetings which will focus on the tasks at hand for that day. All roads where there are construction activities will have proper signage to alert motorists. Local officials and public safety authorities will be fully informed of all construction activities in the area.