Plaquemines LNG – Quick Facts

Plaquemines LNG – Quick Facts

Key features

When fully developed, Plaquemines LNG will have an export capacity of 20 million metric tonnes per year. The project development will take place in two phases. Phase one will consist of 10 million metric tonnes per year and will be constructed upon receipt of all required permits and authorizations; phase two will involve an additional 10 million metric tonnes per year and will be constructed at a later date based on market demand. The Plaquemines LNG facility will be built to accommodate ocean-going vessels with an LNG carrying capacity of up to 185,000 cubic meters.

Supporting Louisiana’s economy and investing in long-term energy

Plaquemines LNG will provide affordable, clean and reliable North American natural gas to global markets. When fully developed, the Project will have 300 full time employees. At periods of peak construction, nearly 3,000 workers will work to construct the facility.

Local jobs and community engagement

The design, engineering and construction of the Plaquemines LNG project will result in a significant investment that brings jobs and economic activity to the Plaquemines community. For example, at peak construction during each of the project’s two phases, Plaquemines LNG will directly employ approximately 1,500 construction workers. When fully developed, the project expects to create approximately 300 long-term, direct jobs, with first class competitive LNG salaries.

Project Site

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Project Timeline