Plaquemines LNG 20 MTPA Export Facility

Plaquemines LNG 20 MTPA Export Facility

Venture Global has set out to disrupt the LNG industry by taking a bottom-up approach to capital cost. Our customers will benefit from our savings with a low-cost, reliable supply of LNG.


Plaquemines LNG key project features include a liquefaction plant consisting of 18 liquefaction blocks developed in two phases, with each block having a nameplate capacity of 1.2 million metric tonnes per annum (MTPA) and consisting of two SMR liquefaction units and ancillary support facilities. It will also contain four 200,000-cubic-meter LNG full containment storage tanks with cryogenic pipeline connections to the liquefaction plant and berthing docks.

Additionally, the facility will include up to three marine loading berths for ocean-going ships capable of receiving LNG carriers up to 185,000 cubic meters in capacity. It will also include a utility dock on the Mississippi River to handle waterborne deliveries of equipment and material during both construction and project operations.

Plaquemines LNG will use a combined-cycle gas-turbine (CCGT) power plant with a generating capacity of approximately 611 megawatts (MW) plus an additional 25 MW gas-fired turbine for phase one. The power plant will be expanded in phase two to include an additional 611 MW of generating capacity plus an additional 25 MW gas-fired turbine.

Modular Design

  • Our LNG liquefaction “blocks” consist of two trains, each with a cold box, a heavy hydrocarbon removal section, and a compressor skid.
  • Our technology choice is an industry standard single mixed refrigerant (SMR) process that has proven to be highly reliable.
  • Using modular mid-scale trains of .626 MTPA can build plant capacity in incremental steps if desired.
  • The modular design dramatically reduces on site construction, allowing interconnecting, and enables a quicker assembly in the field and is key to our cost reductions.

Combined-Cycle Gas-Turbine Power Plant

Per phase, each 611 MW inside-the-fence CCGT power plant will use feed-gas, together with boil off gas, to produce the power required to drive the electric motors of the liquefiers. Our “5 on 2” gas turbine to steam turbine configuration allows for significant flexibility for maintenance or down times, allowing the facility to have extremely high availability for production. There will also be one aeroderivate gas turbine per phase for startup and peaking needs.