We utilize state of the art industry techniques to build our pipelines, protect the public, reduce impacts to the environment and partner with landowners on suggested and reasonable revisions to the route.

Jimmy Staton, Executive Vice President

Venture Global takes the proper steps to make an efficient pipeline route to our LNG facilities. The pipeline routes are designed to emphasize co-location with existing pipelines and other existing linear features to minimize the construction impact. Because of the abundance of existing pipelines in the area in close proximity to our proposed facilities, the construction of new pipelines will be limited to approximately 42 miles total, which is a relatively short distance for the significant gas supply of an industrial site of this size.

During the course of the construction filing process, the route is continually being tweaked for small changes to improve the route by avoiding features that may not have been picked up previously.  Some examples include; passing around vintage trees, crossing a road or a stream at a more desirable angle and avoiding a bend in a creek. At all times during construction the safety of the public and the construction crews will be the first priority.  All construction activities will be preceded by safety meetings which will focus on the tasks at hand for that day.  All roads where there is construction activities will have proper signage to alert motorist.  The local officials and public safety authorities will be fully informed of all construction activities in the area.  All construction will be done in concert with the other pipelines in the area.