Delta LNG Facility

Delta LNG Facility

Project benefits

Delta LNG is the third Louisiana-based LNG export project developed by Venture Global LNG. Each of the projects represents a multi-billion dollar, long-term direct investment in Louisiana.

Delta LNG and Delta Express will support the long-term development of clean and reliable North American energy supplies by providing additional markets for U.S. natural gas producers and providing clean gas to growing markets around the world.

Investing in Louisiana's growth

  • Each phase of the project will require billions of dollars of direct investment by Venture Global, providing meaningful economic stimulus for Louisiana – both initially and over time.
  • At peak construction, the project will employ approximately 4,000 workers at the terminal site, not including workers building the Delta Express Pipeline. Approximately 250 long-term, direct jobs and additional indirect jobs and economic activity are expected to be created and stimulated by the Project.
  • Delta LNG and Delta Express plans to source a meaningful portion of their materials and services from local and regional businesses.
  • State and local sales, income and property taxes are expected to increase during both construction and operations.