Committed to Environmental Stewardship

Committed to Environmental Stewardship

To Venture Global, a successful project is one that protects the livelihood of local fishermen, families, businesses, and all those who rely on the environment in Cameron Parish.

Maintaining southwestern Louisiana's unique and pristine coastal environment is key to Venture Global's success with Calcasieu Pass.

Calcasieu Pass and the Environment

The Calcasieu Pass Project is committed to protecting the environment during all phases of the project and will work to ensure coexistence with the coastal ecosystem of southwestern Louisiana.

As part of this commitment, Venture Global has conducted surveys on wetlands, waterbodies, and wildlife, as well as cultural and archaeological aspects of the project.

Venture Global Calcasieu Pass is collaborating with a number of local, state, and regional partners to develop a Waterway Suitability Assessment for the project. It will examine ways to ensure there are limited impacts on the maritime transportation industry.

Venture Global is collaborating and partnering with:

  • The U.S. Coast Guard
  • The Lake Charles Pilots Association
  • The Port of Cameron
  • The Port of Lake Charles
  • First responders in the region
  • Cameron Parish businesses