Calcasieu Pass

Calcasieu Pass

Venture Global Calcasieu Pass, LLC is developing a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, south of the city of Lake Charles. The project site is at an ideal location on the Calcasieu Ship Channel, featuring deep-water access, proximity to plentiful gas supplies and ease of transport for buyers.

A World-Class Investment
Supporting Louisiana’s Energy Industrial Base

Calcasieu Pass will invest billions in new facilities, equipment and labor. Calcasieu Pass will bring thousands of temporary and hundreds of permanent jobs to southwestern Louisiana. In addition, the project’s exports will support the balance of trade for the United States.

Local Jobs and Community Engagement

The design, engineering and construction of the project will create approximately 1,500 jobs at peak construction. The expected number of long-term, direct jobs created by the project is 130.

The expected economic impact and employment numbers for Louisiana are:

  • 130 direct jobs;
  • 326 indirect jobs;
  • 1,500 construction jobs at peak construction;
  • first class competitive LNG salaries.
Hiring is planned to start in 2018.


Project Location

Calcasieu Pass Plot Plan
Calcasieu Pass Plot Plan

The 930-acre project site is located where the Calcasieu Ship Channel meets the Gulf of Mexico. This location is in close proximity to several major interstate natural gas pipelines and is situated in the middle of one of the most active trading areas for pipeline-quality natural gas in North America.

The project site is secured under exclusive agreements for up to a 70-year term.

Project Timeline