Safety and Environment

Safety and Environment

We understand what it takes to ensure
that our export facilities are environmentally sound and as safe as possible.

Venture Global is committed to responsible environmental stewardship during all phases of its projects and will work to minimize impacts to the coastal ecosystem of Louisiana, co-existing with the local environment and community.

The company moved through the initial steps to properly file with federal and state regulatory agencies and intends to meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations. Venture Global is well advanced with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval process and is successfully proceeding on schedule for both projects. The company has also filed with the Department of Energy for export authorization.

Our facilities will be designed, constructed and operated to protect human health and be fully compliant with all applicable state, local and federal regulations, codes and procedures. The company’s employment of electric-driven liquefaction technology, together with power  generated through combined cycle gas turbines, is designed to minimize overall emissions and make the project one of the cleanest LNG export facilities in the world. Venture Global will constantly bear in mind the potential impacts of the construction, maintenance and operation of the LNG facilities on the local community.

Venture Global will collaborate with community leaders to minimize traffic congestion during the construction phase of each project.

Leveraging the Benefits of a Combined-Cycle Power Plant

Utilizing a highly-efficient, combined-cycle gas turbine power plant, Venture Global’s projects will be among the cleanest LNG export facilities in the world.

In combined cycle power plants, the heat created in the process is recovered and used to produce additional power and create higher efficiency. Another advantage of gas turbine driven power plants is they have a smaller carbon footprint than other types of generation.